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Top Bevel is a people business alignment company.  We believe in leadership and legacy building through all aspects of existence. We understand the essence of self fulfillment for individuals which translates into productivity and profitability in the work place.  Our focus is working from the inside out to blend personal goals with corporate visions.

With our team of experienced collaborative partners in diverse fields, we bring our combined resources to ensure our clients' dreams are realized.

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Leadership Training
The success of a business lies mainly on the dependability and capability of its leaders.
Learning the essentials skills to self lead, and lead others to growth and team fulfillment is the focus of our leadership training.
Growth Strategies
Grow your people to grow your profit. Training on the invaluable laws of growth for personal, team, and executive levels. This is a necessity to achieve our collective goals.
Maxwell Disc Method
Personality assessment for ensuring smooth communication and interaction by understanding individual strengths and weaknesses based on different personality types.
Working Woman Support
Training specifically tailored towards having a work-life balance for the working mums, learning the language to the table and owning your place at the table.
Soft Skills
Developing our communication skills to reduce noise, ambiguity and dissonance. An essential tool for increased productivity in every organisation. Everyone communicates but few connect. Our training is based on communicating and connecting.
People, Business Support
Supporting the human resources department in aligning staff individual goals to the organisation's core objectives. We believe and deliver on the symbiotic relationship policy of getting what you want, when you help other people get what they want.
Succession Planning
Next level management strategies and the change over management process, from mindset to process development and delivery are all services on offer from us.
Best Place Practice
Finding and implementing strategies to keep your organisation consistently as a great place to work is a proven strategy that reduces staff costs and increases productivity and profits. Our role is to help you get there and stay there.
Keynote speaking, legacy building strategies, creative intelligence teachings, sustainable living trainings, community integration efforts are all part of the services we offer.
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Busola from Top Bevel mapped out my life plan with time lines and I thought they were unachievable. I followed through her guide and 6 months down the line, I surpassed my expectations.

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