"Do you mind showing us how you did it? I have noticed you are very good at this kind of things"

"If anyone is not sure what to do, you can shout out to Mr A. He is quite adept at this"

"Thank you for all you do, your passion (enthusiasm, hard work, contribution, support, efforts.....) is noticeable and appreciated"

"Mrs S is the youngest in the team and the most knowledgeable about how best to put the proposal together"

"Management has confirmed that our team contributed more than 20% to the overall profit margin in the last quarter. This is a big improvement from the last result. Thanks to all of you great people, putting your best in each time you show up for work. You are all appreciated"

This simple morale booster takes just a few sentences and the deed is done. Many employees have left promising jobs where they could have given their best, but the conducive environment to unleash their creative potential, skills and exercise their knowledge was not created, encouraged or developed.

Acknowledgement of both team and individual strengths and capabilities is a strong way of adding value to the growth of any organization. Good words gladden the heart. While they are not the single motivating factor in encouraging staff, they go a long way as a means of value-added to people, purpose and profit.

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Busola Shogbamimu is the Lead Coach at Top Bevel Limited, a training consultancy centred on people, purpose and profit.

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