Adages Vs Technology

Proverbs I believe emanate from experiences and becomes adages. People often hear these things and believe in them. How authentic are the age-long adages in the face of modern-day technology?

One of such adages is a cultural one built on the context of wisdom based on age. It goes as "what an adult can see, a child cannot see except he climbs a ladder" This saying was recently challenged in a nationwide political protest when one youth replied that ladder is a waste of time. Their generation will use drones.

The awakening is the reality that technology is a part and parcel of our every day living. The knowledge and experience of every member of the team count a lot in the overall growth of the business. Everyone should be listened to, with every knowledge brought to the table.

Creative intelligence acknowledges that there is no such thing as a stupid question because the insight of one person may be different from the perspective of the whole team. Adages, quotes and proverbs may be birthed in wisdom and experience, technology is an advancement of unseen wisdom bringing reality to our doorstep.

Leadership in the family, workplace, community and self-leadership, requires being open-minded to information that comes to our attention. Something old, something clued, something borrowed and something new.

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Busola Shogbamimu is the lead coach at Top Bevel Limited, a training consultancy centred on people, purpose and profit.

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