Hybrid Working and Wellness

Few years ago, I was in a customer service role in a major energy supply company. The cost of commuting in and out of work was taking its toll on both my finances and my productivity, as well as affecting my mummy duties at home. I approached my team leader then to see if I could work from home. What I was looking for, was a hybrid working condition.

Thankfully, it was a working environment that I could openly voice my concerns. Initially he said it was not possible, but he would further explore my options. Conclusion then was, my role did not qualify for hybrid working conditions. Most players in that field then were project managers, the tech guys, marketing, sales and management roles.

Few years down the line, Ebay, Wayfair and Amazon, among others became the top players in extending customer service roles to remote working segments.

One of the big positives of Covid-19 is that, it has clearly shown the relationship between hybrid working condition and employee wellness in various employee roles. According to global banking and finance review, Most workers within the financial sector will put in an additional 22 days of work via hybrid working. A savings for the employer and work-life balance for the staff. The extra hours coming from a reduction in commuting is seen in the flexibility of balancing work and recreation.

The need for socialization and engagement is a big consideration, as much as breaking the monotony of having the same routine, same environment and lack of human interaction that exists in the old normal environment. Organizations need to be more aware of programs that will build, connect, align and promote productivity through social interaction, in order to continue to balance their core values and employee wellness, especially within our new 2021 covid normality.

The question now is; Are you considering a hybrid working structure for your organization for the future, and what plans do you have to align your workers wellness to your productivity goals within this foreseeable new normal?

Busola Shogbamimu

Legacy Consultant

Top Bevel Ltd

(Aligning People, Purpose & Profit)

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