Weak or Human


What kind of leader are you?

Scared of delegation or delegate and arrogate the success of the team to yourself?

Do you present other people's work to management as your idea?

Maybe it's the delegate and micromanage style thereby stifling every form of creativity in your team?

Self-check! What kind of leader are you?

Some leaders find it hard to say "I don't know or I'll confirm and get back to you", they would rather fake it and wing it by saying "go figure it out yourself".

As much as you need to push back on your team to help them develop, self-care requires you to be honest with yourself as you lead, to know when you need help too. Maybe you are one to lord it over them, dictating and unapproachable, forgetting that their failure to work in the fullness of their capability is a reflection of failure on yourself.

We are all fallible and when issues are at stake, and we are looking for top quality delivery, let's be cognizant of the fact that we need help too occasionally and should take it when offered or seek it when needed.

Being open to learning is being human and not a sign of weakness. Lead authentically to build a lasting legacy.

Busola Shogbamimu is the Lead Coach at Top Bevel Limited, a training consultancy centred on people, purpose and profit. (Visit: https://www.topbevel.com/services).

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