Your 2021 work routine

It is a known fact that having a routine is a definite step in the right direction when it comes to organisation. The same way having a clutter free desk or room enhances your success level. Yes it does, the less baggage in your face, the more clarity you have to deal with prioritization of tasks.

The year 2020 has broken a lot of myths regarding the standard work culture, debunked the idea that only certain things can be done remotely. Now it has become apparent that employers and employees have to be more creative in adoption of resources to make their work life easier, if working remotely or commuting.

What structure are you then putting in place to make things easier for you, in such a way that you are still delivering premium quality work standards without compromising your goals, your dreams, your health and your values?

I'd tell you if I can, but the answer lies with you. \It has to do with your work, what's important to you, your environment, family settings, time structure, health habits etc. It is personal to you and no one size fits all.

Get thinking! Get creative! Keeping in mind that you are one small/big vital part of the overall picture. The way you play your role largely depends on how things will unfold for you in future. So, here is your question; Inspite of the uncertainties that 2021 may hold, what routines are you putting in place to make your work life easier?

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