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We offer a range of services, all directed towards the one goal of aligning your staff personal goals to your organization's vision and ultimately translating to profit.  Working as an external yet integral part of your organisation, we aim to understand your core values and become the mother board to communicating and embedding your goals in your ambassadors.  Happy teams create best company ambassadors.

leadership training

Looking to develop your team with leadership, teamwork, growth or personal development resources, coaching and mentoring at any level? We have the resources as part of the John Maxwell Team, the #1 leadership guru.

women specifics

Earning your seat at the table, learning the language to the table, looking beyond skills, blending with family life etc. We give the tools specifically designed for women to own their space.

Not for profit

We support verified charitable organisations with free human resources development training as part of our social responsibility. We promote charity projects to partner organisations  too.


Speaking, coaching, training or facilitating on any aspect of our services to develop strategies to move your entire organisation forward and upwards.

people business support

We are the filter that gets the core values of the organisation aligned with personal goals of team members


succession planning

Thinking of selling off your business, transferring to family or planning your retirement?

transition mindset training

Ready to take the next big change and make the transition as smooth as possible? changing process, mobility or people?

Best place to work

Make your staff your happy tribe, and premium workers scrambling to be part of your organisation. Stay on top of the game.



Decide on any of the services we offer and click on the contact tab at the top of the screen or in the chat box below, or simply fill the form here to book a free consultation session. Here we find out the specific details of how we can best serve you in your identified problem area. Following this, a tailored proposal will be presented to you, upon which terms of agreement will be signed. 

Please ask questions for us to clear any grey area. We are truly here to serve you!

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