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Dawn Ireland, CEO

I was completely burned out and just denied membership into a major research collaboration because of the actions and words of the competitors. 

Busola was exactly the coach I needed to set me straight.

For a month, she coached me, cheered me on…. like a coach in a boxing ring telling me to get back up and fight. And I did. Our nonprofit is doing great and so am I.

I am so grateful to Busola. She’s an incredible coach and I can not recommend her highly enough. 


Anu Rosiji CEO

Busola is an amazing Coach with an awesome personality. A Mother, Mentor, Teacher, Confidant and a listening ear. She handles any issue brought to her like a miracle worker.

There’s always a solution and this inner most peace and hope for a brighter future after any conversation.

She believes in a good dream and has helped me throughout my journey into business and personal life. She is my DEBORAH.

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Eniola Oke, Coach

All evening, have been thinking of how you have so much pulled me out and supported me. Thanks for being my Corporate Infrastructure.

Making my DREAMS come true.

Having you in the journey of my fulfilling purpose cannot be expressed in words.

You are so good in transforming my thoughts into results.

Thank you,

Thank you.

Thank you.

I am very GRATEFUL

Annalieza Landa

Busola is fiercely committed to encouraging people and awakening every dormant cell of potential. She extends her passion and generosity of spirit to her fellow coaches, to whom she opens doors of collaborative opportunity in her Facebook Group, RML Club Online. I knew, within the first few minutes of speaking to Busola, that coaching is her vocation, her calling, for her heart is on fire for serving and her energy infectious! Contact her if you are feeling stuck and need guidance to advance forward.

Yinka Dixon-Oludaiye

Busola has constantly and consistently motivated women and girls to excel, while supporting them into financial independence. She always has a word of encouragement for anyone she meets, including members of her staff. She is never short of a heart warming smile and a word of inspiration. Busola displays uncommon ease of ability to use real life stories, situations and experiences to build confidence and leadership skills of mentees.

Esther Oyediji

I was just starting out in life and I was daunted at the prospect of being on my own in a strange country with no support. Busola mapped out my life plan with time lines and I thought they were unachievable. I however followed through her guide and 6 months down the line, I surpassed my expectations. Her style is easy, friendly and believable. I am on course! I couldn’t have chosen a better coach.

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